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Frequent Communication
Should you have a concern, please feel free to call or email the individual teacher, email addresses are posted on the website, or contact the school office. We encourage parents to contact teachers frequently and directly.

Parents do not have to wait for scheduled conferences to meet with teachers. Please call ahead to make an appointment to meet with your child’s teacher. Keep the lines of communication open.

Students needing to call parents must do so through the main school office. Teachers will not be interrupted during the instructional day with telephone calls. It is best to leave a message and your child’s teacher will get back to you. Parents wishing to leave a message for a teacher must do so by going through the office.

Student Messages: This should only be done in the event of emergencies. Please make plans in advance to avoid interruptions in the classroom. All messages must be left with office personnel.

Parent Teacher Conferences
Two parent-teacher conferences are scheduled throughout the school year, Fall and Spring. Teachers are required to make the attempt to conference with every parent three times within the school year.