Malcolm Currie

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Malcolm Currie
6th Grade Social Studies and English/Language Arts


B.A. History

M.A. Teaching

5-8 Social Studies

5-8 Communication Arts/Literature

7-12 Social Studies


Knox College

University of MN Mankato


This will be my third year at STEP Academy, and my twenty-third year as a teacher (all in Minneapolis and St. Paul). My primary focus has been in working with students and families from East Africa and Somalia. I chose to come to STEP Academy because of this focus, and I stay because of this focus. I have developed a great appreciation for the community I have always served, and continue to seek to do my best possible work in support of them. With this aim in mind, I emphasize critical thinking and literacy in all of my teaching. It is my belief that this is the correct educational foundation on which to build a successful future, one student at a time.