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Grades 6-8

Meet the Staff

Malcolm Currie

6th Grade Social Studies and English/Language Arts, Middle School

Certification: B.A. History; M.A. Teaching; 5-8 Social Studies; 5-8 Communication Arts/Literature; 7-12 Social Studies
Education: Knox College; University of Minnesota Mankato
Bio: This will be my third year at STEP Academy, and my twenty-third year as a teacher (all in Minneapolis and St. Paul). My primary focus has been in working with students and families from East Africa and Somalia. I chose to come to STEP Academy because of this focus, and I stay because of this focus. I have developed a great appreciation for the community I have always served, and continue to seek to do my best possible work in support of them. With this aim in mind, I emphasize critical thinking and literacy in all of my teaching. It is my belief that this is the correct educational foundation on which to build a successful future, one student at a time.
Room: 206 / #1206

Bill Potts

6-12 Physical Education and Health & K-12 Developmental Adapted Physical Education, High School

Certification: B.S. Physical Education
Education: Saint Cloud State University
Bio: I’m a father of two teenage daughters with my wife of over 20 years. My oldest daughter is going to college at a Community College in the Twin cities and my youngest daughter is a Senior at Blaine High School. I have taught in the Twin Cities for over twenty years and believe Physical Education and Health are two of the most important classes for students. I enjoy the challenges everyday that our students bring to the classroom and look forward to teaching at STEP Academy.
Room: Gym / #1225

Sydney Jones

MS ELA, Middle School

Certification: B.A. English; M.A. Education; 5-12 Communication Arts/Literature
Education: College of Saint Benedict; Saint Catherine University
Bio: I grew up in Minneapolis and I spent the last 3 years flipping a house and starting the process on a second one!
Room: 203 / #1203

Omar Fiqi

6-12 Math Intervention, High School

Certification: M. Ed. Mathematics; PGDIPL - Actuarial Science; B.S. Statistics
Education: University of Minnesota; University of Waterloo; King Saud University (Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia)
Bio: Fifteen years experience of teaching and tutoring mathematics for different grades (6-12). Collaborated and communicated regularly with families in making educational decisions and use family and community resources to support learning and collaborated with peers to develop, plan and implement best practices based on the needs/abilities of the students.
Room: 100 / #1001

Mahdi Elmi

Secondary/ Math teacher and RTI, Middle School

Certification: 5-12 Mathematics
Education: Metropolitan State University
Bio: I am Mahdi Elmi, In April of 2018, I graduated with Bachelors of Science in Apply Mathematics from Metropolitan State University. I am currently enrolled at Augsburg University, pursuing my Master's Degree in Math Education for Secondary. My graduation date is set for May 2022.
Room: 99 / #1099

Rahima Ahmed

Middle School ELL Teacher, ELL

Certification: K-12 English Language Learner Education
Bio: I am Rahima Ahmed. I have been a teacher for over 15 years. Four of my children attend STEP Academy. I have been serving as a board member at STEP since 2019.
Room: 93 / #1093

Chris Welter

Assistant Dean of Students, Administration

Certification: B.S. Kinesiology- Emphasis in Physical Education
Education: San Diego State University
Bio: The thing that I really enjoy about working at STEP Academy is the sense of community and teamwork that is present in the staff members, faculty, and students.  What drew me to become an educator was the enjoyment that I had when I first started coaching sports.  Being a source of positivity in someone's life is something that I look forward to everyday and something that I hope I can be for a long time.  When I am not teaching I enjoy running, hiking, biking and really just being outside as well as staying in and watching my favorite sports teams (Vikings, Twins, and Oklahoma University).
Room: 201a / #1225

Zinat Chowdhury

MS Science, Middle School

Certification: B.S. Biology; M.S. Cell Tissue Culture; M.A. Biology; 5-8 Science; 9-12 Life Science and Chemistry
Education: University of Dhaka; Saint Cloud State University; Hamline University
Bio: I am a science teacher from Bangladesh. I taught middle and high school science 2 years in Bangladesh. I have been teaching as a licensed middle and high school science teacher in the US since 2009.
Room: 204 / #1204

Marwa Borghol

Secondary Arabic, High School

Certification: B.S. Education; K-12 Arabic Education
Education: Al Mansoura University (Egypt)
Bio: Arabic language teacher for non speakers grades K12 in U.S. for about 13 years.
Room: 208 / #1208