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Curriculum is reviewed on a 5-year cycle. Programs that will be used during the 2013-2014 school years by STEP Academy are:

Reading/Language Arts: Scott Foresman
Mathematics: Saxon Math
Social Studies: Scott Foresman
Science: Scott Foresman
Arabic: Al-Asas

STEP Academy has several online instructional and curricular programs that students may be using throughout the year. They include: IXL, Study Island and APEX Learning.

STEP Academy considers homework to be an important part of a child’s education and integral component of the learning process based on the following goals:

  • To provide extra practice for specific fundamental skills.
  • To improve academic skills by reinforcing and extending classroom learning.
  • To promote independent work-study habits.
  • To establish regular homework routines and organizational skills.
  • To increase communication between parents and the school.
  • To inform parents of the school’s curriculum and to provide a means to make ongoing evaluation of their child’s progress.
  • To develop responsibility, accountability, self-confidence, and time management.

Homework is assigned at the individual teacher’s discretion. Teachers give assignments on a daily basis, and usually give class time to work on the assigned lesson. Teachers will always give due dates for major assignments and reminders of the upcoming due date. Should you have any questions concerning homework, please contact your child’s teacher. Teachers have their own policy for missed homework. Read it carefully. Please check your students planner nightly to see what homework is due.

Students who have a valid absent from school may have up to two (2) days for every day absent to make up their assigned class work. At times, there may be exceptions that a classroom teacher may make. Please consult with the teacher as to his/her policy. Parents are encouraged to make arrangements to pick up homework if a child is ill for more than two (2) days.

Parents and students will be given passwords to log into JMC (our students record system) to monitor grades, progress and attendance. It is crucial that families check JMC frequently and contact the school if concern arises over grades, student progress and work completion.

Physical Education
Physical education is a required subject for most students. All students are expected to participate in class. Students unable to participate due to illness or a medical problem will require a parental note. Parental notes will be acceptable for two (2) days, thereafter; a doctor’s note will be required to have students remain out of class. Alternative participation (i.e. Written assignments, light-duty or limited participation) may be required depending upon the illness or medical problem.

Students must wear tennis shoes for class. They will not be able to participate in class without proper shoes. This could affect the grade they receive in the class, as participation is a large part of the PE grade. They do not require a separate pair of tennis shoes for physical education class.

Field Trips
Field trips are a privilege and not a right due to their supplemental educational nature. Your child must meet the classroom requirements for field trip attendance. Classroom teachers will communicate all requirements and expectations to the children. Children losing the privilege of a field trip will be required to attend school for that day.

The school will notify parents of all scheduled field trips in advance. As a parent/guardian, you retain the right not to allow your child to attend such field trips as long as you give the school written notice. Certain fees for field trip attendance may be required to offset the costs. Should the cost be a burden, please notify your child’s teacher.

School Supplies
Students need to have the necessary school supplies with them every day to help them be successful in school. School supply lists are available in the office and posted on the website. There may be specific items requested by classroom teachers for projects, but families will be notified of this in advance. STEP Academy will supply each student with a planner to help them organize homework and project due dates. This planner is also to be used as our hallway pass system and students should always have it in their possession.

Text Books
STEP Academy provides textbooks for students. Textbooks are a valuable resource of the school. Please remind your child to take good care of the materials loaned to him/her. If the textbooks are damaged, destroyed or lost by the student, the student will be required to pay for the cost of the book. Please sign the textbook agreement.

Technology Equipment
STEP Academy provides a wide range of technology resources. Nooks and Ipads, Laptops and Computer Lab are available for student use. Students and parents must sign “Student Computer Use Contract”.

Withdrawing Children
If you are planning to move out of the area, please call the school and give your new address and the date of the day your child will withdraw from STEP Academy. Be sure to return any books or borrowed STEP ACADEMY materials to the office.

Graduation Standards – No Social Promotion
STEP Academy maintains an academically rigorous program. We do not promote students to the next grade simply because they have spent a year in class.

In order to obtain a high school diploma from STEP Academy students must earn 21.5 credits in the following areas: 4 Language Arts credits, 3.5 Social Studies (1 world history, 1 US history, .5 geography, .5 civics, .5 economics), 3 math (Algebra 2, geometry and 1 year of a higher level math), 3 science (biology, 1 year of chemistry or physics, another science), 2 years of world language, .5 Physical education, .5 health, 1 fine arts and 4 elective credits.

Response to Intervention
STEP Academy believes in providing the highest quality of education for every student. To meet this goal, we are adopting a three-tiered approach to instruction in math and reading. Each tier provides additional support beyond the core curriculum. Students needing supplemental instruction/intervention will be monitored frequently to ensure students meet grade level expectations. Students will continue to participate in the core curriculum even if they need the support of tier two or tier three interventions. We will be contacting parents of students who qualify for intervention services.

Report Cards
Report cards are issued four (4) times a year (9-week grading periods). A student receiving an “incomplete” will have two (2) weeks from the end of the grading period to make up the assignments/assessments.