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Handbook Revision
STEP Academy has the right to amend this handbook as the need arises. A revised handbook or an insert to the handbook will be made available to parents in the school office. It is the duty of parents and students to obtain and familiarize themselves with the most current handbook.

Birthday Celebrations
We discourage birthday celebrations in the school to minimize disruptions and to ensure equity among students of all economic backgrounds and to ensure equity among students whose birthdays fall within the school calendar and those whose birthdays fall outside the school calendar.

Distribution of Non School Sponsored Materials on School Premises
The school district recognizes that students have the right to express themselves on school property as long as the educational objectives and the responsibility of the school are not impeded.

Requests for distribution of non-school-sponsored material will be reviewed by the administration on a case-by-case basis. A copy of the material must be submitted for approval to the principal at least 24-hours in advance of desired distribution.

Divorce of Parents
It is the responsibility of both parents to keep open lines of communication concerning the welfare of their child(ren) attending STEP Academy. Under Minnesota Statute 120A.22, the non-custodial parent, upon request, has the right of access to, and to receive copies of, school records and information, to attend conferences, and to be informed about the child’s welfare, educational progress, and status. STEP Academy will only provide custodial parent the aforementioned information unless the non-custodial parent makes a written request. We are not required to hold a separate conference for each parent.